Since I had a good weekend I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t long enough….NOT…. gotta go to work just like everybody else….what am I thinking…I’m really no better than anyone else having to return to our scheduled events at the workplace really,,,, who do I think I am…..the Watermelon Queen or something….not really just having a little fun…I was very sick on Sunday, I hope I never have to have a full dose of chemo or I’m in big trouble sista!!!! Just sayin’ it kicks my butty!!! And then it is just amazing how I can wake up on Monday and feel so much better, (not the run a marathon kinda better) but better than the day before!!! YEA!!  The heat of summer has arrived but I have put my order for the weather on the 22nd and 23rd, I asked the great man above if he might be able to accommodate me with a nice cool breeze specifically on Friday afternoon, I haven’t heard his reply yet so I’m going to wait it out and see.  I know it’s not like Santa Claus for heaven’s sake you can’t just order up from God and it happens but a girl can try can’t she.

I’m working my backside off (well not really the total backside just yet, that comes the week of the 18th) but I’m working behind the scenes with the Big Dog (I say that with all the love and kindness in my heart, it’s just a nickname for the fest days is all). I’m excited!!! Can’t you tell?

Well I do hope you have yourself a marvelous day and hey remember, you have a destiny and a legacy so make it count!! Be nice!!

Love, Loraann


Yes I am wearing my jeans, well my nice pretty jeans cuz….it’s my Friday, not that I’m doing anything special over the weekend.  It’s been a long week, we had no air conditioning the other afternoon and night, but thankfully the repairman fixed it right up without a total drama filled day!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I have been working on the Watermelon Festival “stuff”…YIKES….it’s one month away!!!! Things to do, people to see!!! I’m so excited about it! However, one new soul asked me — just what is my role in this whole thing—the boss said tell  her you are the queen….too funny.  She will soon see what everybody’s role is…we are all VOLUNTEERS!!

My day has started with a bang, 1/4 mile walk, shower, grocery shopping at 6:30 a.m., putting on a load of laundry followed by going thru the car wash (yes I don’t have the energy to do it myself and don’t want to fork over half my savings to have someone do it for me), now I’m at work and will be having lunch with the lovely and talented pageant lady and then home to Fishbone for a supper of cereal.  We are madly trying to lose a few pounds and his just isn’t budging I think he is cheating at lunch, probably order steak and chessy fries from Longhorns or soaking up a delis roastbeef sandwich at out favorite place.  Hoping maybe tomorrow he will take me, since we will be up that way.

I do hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend, say a prayer for all our American heros and a thank you if you by chance see one.  They are great in everyway!!!

Love, Loraann

P. S. Same time same place on Tuesday!!!

Monday it tiz!!


It’s a good day, this weekend we put up our fabulous sweet corn, 125 gallons of the stuff, actually we put it in quart size bags but you wouldn’t believe my number if I converted it so I tell gallon numbers instead.  It was the perfect day for working outside in the shade of the oak trees.  But we were exhausted to say the least.  Yesterday I took it easy slept late (which I never ever do) and then took it to Target and then back to take a very long nap like almost 5 hours of a nap (which I never ever do) but I have recovered nicely and am looking forward to the week.  I have stuff to do, like getting everything ready for the upcoming watermelon festival here in our small town that my boss and I put on (it’s free, it’s something we do to give to our community) we have country music star Mark Chesnutt as entertainment along with Chad Street, from our neighboring state of Alabama on June 22 and then on Sat. the 23rd we have a big parade and a watermelon auction (that money is seed money for next year’s entertainment) and another concert by bluegrass legend, Marty Raybon.  I’m looking forward to it, just hope the heat isn’t on full blast up that day.  You see everyone involved are all volunteers, no one gets paid a dime and that is astounding to me that we all give our time and energy for this community.  It is something awesome to see the folks (around 3000) last year  come and partake.  I was really speechless at one point (that is highly unsual) to see all the people.  I hope this year is as much fun as last year and that I can make someone smile even if its just for a night.

I’ll have more later!!


Yes, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day, my children are absolutely wonderful!!  My RA is much better, and so I’m feeling like running a marathon about now (need to bottle this stuff up, sure did need it last week).

Corn Day is coming that is our highlight for this weekend, YIPPEE! Something for the freezer most people don’t even know how to do but I would teach them in a hearbeat, it’s what makes me who I am.  thankfully the coons have decided their bellies are full enough and have move on from making a terrible mess out there.  I have sunflowers blooming pretty blooms here and there and yes there are a few pumpkins scattered in the cornfield also.  Today I promise to go out and make some pics for you to see.

Happy Tuesday!!


Mother’s Day

Well as I sit with not much of anything to do at work for the next month or so, I’m pondering what to say, so in the spirit of the holiday this weekend as we celebrate Mother’s everywhere.  I’m thinking about my Aunt Frances who was like a mother to me, sweet and kind and sometimes bossy and fussy. But I love her still the same.  I think she loved me she did a lot of things for me and I truly appreciated her.  She kept me going when no one else was there and I felt abandoned and alone.

I hope that my children know they are loved more than words can express, that I would move heaven and earth for either of them and their families.  I’m proud of who they have become and the choices they have made.  Being a mother changes with time, I dare say I don’t like it but it is something that naturally occurs, your job or privilege to be a mother changes, as they grow up and move out, you have to let go.  But it is sometimes frustrating to know when to call them or what to do for them, because you aren’t needed anymore.  I love being a mother more than anything, I love doing things for my family, that is what makes me happy.  I’m learning (you see I don’t have a guide to help me along…wish I did though) that as you get older they don’t need you anymore, they are busy raising their family and making their own memories.  I’m very glad and proud of them.

I only hope that one day my legacy carries on, that my children and grandchildren will sit around on a warm summer night talking about who I was and the things I did. I hope I have created special memories for them and that my name will be remembered for generations to come.  I read somewhere that you are only remembered for one generation, I hope thats wrong because I want to be remembered for being a nice, caring person, who only wanted to make someone smile.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Loraann

I do apologize I really haven’t felt like writing as of late…just getting down and out…my RA is flaring here and there and everywhere.  I’m really worried about my feet I just can’t get the swelling to subside.  But I just keep on trucking and try to do things that will take it off my mind.  But work has been so very slow and since there is just the two of us at home I don’t have much to do there either, so I have a lot of time on my hands.  It’s hard when your children are grown and no longer need you to do those “mother” things, you find yourself lost and frustrated about what to do with yourself.  Because for me my children and husband have always been my life, I revolved around them and now I’m lost, trying to figure out what to do with myself.  I don’t have a lot of close friends its better that way with where I work, few people understand what confidentiality is anymore.

I’m reading a book on how to be happy everyday…it’s a christian book and I love it but I have to read it in chapters and digest it for a day or so, I want to make sure I retain it all.  It’s that good.  My motto has always been to make sure that those around me are happy and if they aren’t then I want to make it that way.  I have always been someone who wants to help others with anything, large or small, someone who can get you what you need.  All of this you see is done from the heart expecting nothing in return but a smile.  I met someone recently and this person is 180 degrees from who I am and it has really gotten to me and I still can’t shake the things spoken to me. So I’m hoping this book helps me put it all in perspective.  It is really amazing to me that words can be so powerful.  Words can make you or break you, words can be weapons, words can give you peace and comfort, words reveal things about you…WORDS should be thought about before being spoken….I too often say things that I wish I said differently and so I strive very hard to be careful about how I come across….I fall short everyday…I will continue to be careful with my words and actions.

I do hope you can make a difference in someone today,  because I’m going to at least try.

Love, Loraann


Well as if life hasn’t just been the craziest this week it has only progressed to the personal side, this morning as I was taking my meds for the day, I realized I had been taking one med 3 times a day that I’m only supposed to take once.  I paniced!! Well the dr. said to go get my bloodwork done (you see it can greatly effect your liver) so I did and now I wait until tomorrow.  He really didn’t seem to think I should worry about it but I’m frustrated —  that one… I did it and two….I have to use the mail-in prescription system that is now mandated and I have all this medicine in my cabinet, the bottle had always been a square one and they didn’t mark it so I assumed it was my inflammation med.  I will soon get over it and maybe tomorrow will be a day of happiness and joy.  I’m sure due for some joy because I have just about had it.

Love, Loraann